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This blog is my reflection of thoughts and perception of Life that I've seen and felt so far,expressed in words of my poetry and also poetry that I like, love and few that inspired me.

Poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive and widely effective mode of saying things and its importance. Hence, I treasure me with the simple scribbling that I can do.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love isnt a bliss

Freely I Love, Freely I tenderly care,
Will not weigh the value of time spent,
No future for this lovable butterfly, 
It only sways its hurt wings harsh.

Freely to despair and deserted half-way through
without love and nailed to fate,
a fate,so knowingly planned by life's love;
Wonder if there's a place for the hurt, to be
soothed,to be caressed by the hurtful loved one.

 A willing hurt planned for the future of the one who
 loves you the most, in worse and better,
 Coz' of fear of unknown reality of the present, 
 or fear of losing or disrupting of a planned wishful future; 
 that would be built on the tears and pain of a wounded heart.

12th of July'2010
6:45 P.M.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

People stink - in conversation with GOD !!??

People stink - in conversation with GOD !:

What's there in life leaving few shares of bread,
N few guys desperate to hit the bed
Ocean of booze n mountains of weed to cut loose

Why are kids poisoned instead of milk
Why is women ablazed in her silk
Brother killing his brother
Friends betraying each other
Mother's do not wanna feed their baby
Why the sanity of maternity has gone lazy?!

4 year old running in a chemical industry,
An year older being bruized in a mortuary,
Where were you God , when they were looking for you
Why don't u feed them till they say no?!
But even u don't know where you wanna go

Slaughtering mercilessly in the name of religion,
Believing blindly in the false illusion,
Is it a lazer that's glowing at the temple
Or burning up an innocent human dimple?!

There's a torpedo staring at a million lives
Why don't u stop their cries n yells

When we asked for smiles, you gave tears in our eyes
When we asked for truth, you showered your lies
When it was time for fun, you filled our hands with a gun

You call us your children But the truth is you want us to run,
Run away from the truth,
The truth of being a human who feels the pain

All we want is to meals a day
Li'll love to kiss the hatred away
And an axe for all the insane to slay

Holding tears inside the eyes,
Mute expressions, but dreamz of owning skies
Flames of faith and streaks of hope will bring us outta dope

God, Are you there ?
Are you listening ??

If you're the one who's playing this game?
If you're affinity is only for the rich n fame

Then no...you are not there
        YoU are not there !! 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

gettng outta of da sand!!

When would I stop Loving you..!!?!!

When tears never fall, and birds never fly.
Winter never ends, and children never cry.
When the nights are not dark, and the days are not light.
When forever does finally end, and the eyes have no sight.
When ears cannot hear, and the grass never grows.
When silence is too loud, and the genius never knows.
When strength doesn't strengthen, and flowers never bloom.
When hearts can't be broken, and eternity is too soon.
When the wind never blows, and the rain is never wet.
When thunder can't be heard, and the sun refuses to set.
When angels don't protect, and a fact is not true.
When life can't be lived, and the sky is not blue.
When the truth is a lie, and the fake becomes so real.
The clock shows no time, and wounds never heal.
When enjoyment isn't fun, and bells cannot ring.
When a race cannot be won, and a singer cannot sing.
When pain does not hurt, and enemies never fight.
When rainbows have no color, and something wrong seems so right.
When all these things finally happen, when they finally come true.
That's when I, without a doubt, will stop loving you. 
So never ask me again not to love you..!!..!!

__On 04th July' 12:50 A.M._