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This blog is my reflection of thoughts and perception of Life that I've seen and felt so far,expressed in words of my poetry and also poetry that I like, love and few that inspired me.

Poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive and widely effective mode of saying things and its importance. Hence, I treasure me with the simple scribbling that I can do.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adonis Appeal

Adonis Appeal
Parting the bliss and reality,
with a gist to excel and embrace around merrily,
Clear as a crystal, deep as an ocean 
are those wandering twirled eyes,
to attract, to be known, to be desired,
to be cherished and to be lasted.

With an aura of magic smile, smooth and soft persona
That snatches you away from reality of togetherness to last,
It isn’t the beauty, the charm or 
the reflection of sensuality that longs for,
It is just a desire, or a desire to be known,
to be cared and to linger on each thirst to be known.

It isn’t the everlasting happiness or the joy
or sharing of bliss that is desired.
It is just a passion that built-in
that never compromises,
that mind never listens.

And when the mind loses to the desire and reflects the reality,
All this is left is you, and you remain.
The one that has loved you beyond that charisma and
beyond the mind, would wait, 
wait at the other end of the mirror.

The reflection and clarity so clear and sadly unreachable,
It is twisted between reality of mind 
and bliss of a beautiful dream.
For it lies in your appeal to decide,
to crack the mirror or entrap the reflection.


Each inch of me hungers for you,
Nothing in me exudes luster until 
you feel me,
It longs for your touch,
My skin crawls for your love in your touch,
It lusts for your tongue,
My skin dwells for sweet nectar of your kisses,
May our love open the doors of togetherness forever and ever,
To be with you with my body, mind and soul
is the desire of my breathe.

Hepsi__April'22nd-2010, 12:32 a.m.