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This blog is my reflection of thoughts and perception of Life that I've seen and felt so far,expressed in words of my poetry and also poetry that I like, love and few that inspired me.

Poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive and widely effective mode of saying things and its importance. Hence, I treasure me with the simple scribbling that I can do.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Truant tears of soulful bliss

Tears of mine are so harsh and smooth,
they never seem to stop,
Tried so hard to make them stop,
but they never seem to stop,
They take me to the past and leave me in the present,
They only know to rewind with no time to carry on,
They are with me when in solace, and never seem to leave me even in the crowded street,
Don’t know what they need and what ponders them to me,
Cannot break their walls to throw them away from me,
Cannot build them up to give them safety within me,
I was thinking it is cos` of the pain you blurt in me, 
But even when I’m happy about you, 
they seem to kick out of me.
Am I being fooled or Am I fooling my tears,
I seem to wonder at times,
they hear my heart and understand its rhythm, 
its tryst and truant of our love,
the convulsion of my spirit and mind,
its language and touch they know so well, the perception of pain with drench of humor from my soul’s eyes, 
they walk through me,towards time beneath holding me tight,
Breaks the shackle of my love so true to be dried far away,
At a place only my tears know, so I conclude
They love me a lot, its vaccum is the echo my heart hears,
They’ll never stop.
  Hepsi___March03rd,2010____2:05 a.m

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